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The Doors Keyboardist Ray Manzarek Gone But Not Forgotten

Ray Manzarek, The Doors on keyboards

The Doors Keyboardist, Ray Manzarek, from the Manzarek-Krieger Facebook page

Yesterday, keyboardist and founding member of The Doors, Ray Manzarek died in Germany at age 74. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to see him in concert last year; and am sad that we, Doors fans, will never be able to do so again.

After seeing that amazing concert, I wrote an essay comparing the spot on, perfectly executed, performed and mixed songs played by Ray Manzark, guitarist Robby Krieger and front man David Brock versus the experimental and unexpectedly awful new music played by another rock legend, Steve Vai, in his concert tour.

That article posed the question: “Is it better to give your fans what they want to hear or allow an artist the musical expression and freedom to create something new?”

I’m resurrecting that posting as a tribute to Ray Manzarek, now.

BTW – I’d love to hear you opinion to my original question, or if you’d just like to share your thoughts on the passing of this rock legend.

For my original posting, please see “In Music, Give the Fans Innovation or What They Want to Hear…?

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2 comments on “The Doors Keyboardist Ray Manzarek Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. southerntongue
    May 23, 2013

    Ray’s playing was a staple of The Doors. He’ll certainly be missed after such a long and fruitful career helping to create such haunting music. The Doors’ songs opened my mind to other realms of possibilities and cleansed my perception. I paid tribute to Ray when I heard of his passing by creating a new portrait of him and some melting doors which you can see on my artist’s blog at Drop by and let me know how The Doors influenced you too.

    • Suzy Kedzierski
      May 24, 2013

      Hi Brandt – thanks so much for reading, commenting and posting! I can’t say The Doors “influenced” me, exactly, but their music certainly has stood the test of time. It’s as brilliant, modern sounding, and as you say, “haunting” as it was when it first came out, four decades ago! Did you ever get to see Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzarek in concert? I hope so – a truly amazing show! And BTW, your website is also amazing – I may not agree with all your viewpoints, but the web is well done!

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