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Photography Tips and Tricks: How to Look Beautiful in Pictures

photography tips - makeup

Oprah Winfrey without makeup

Looking great in pictures has nothing to do with being beautiful.

In fact, have you ever seen Oprah Winfrey without makeup? She’s not the beauty that she usually appears to be.

You don’t have to be a natural beauty to be photogenic. It’s more about knowing your best features and how to play them up, how to smile, relax your mouth and jaw, and what colors and clothing make you look best on camera.

If you’d like to look better in your pictures you just need to know a few photography tips and tricks from the pros. Learn those insider secrets in the article “How to Be Photogenic.”

The article appears in “wiki How to do anything” (, and is full of useful, easy to follow tricks of the trade. Who knows? It may even help you to capture great pictures of your friends and family, too.

Photo credits: Oprah without makeup: Twitter, as posted on US Weekly.


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