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Prepare to Be Wowed: Nat Geo’s Photo Contest Winners Chosen From 22,000 Amazing Entries

National Geographic Photos

National Geographic Photos (Photo credit: frankdasilva), courtesy of Flickr.

In case you missed it, National Geographic recently announced the winners of their 2012 Photo Competition.

If you love looking at pretty pictures as much as I do, then make time to check out out their 22,000 astonishing entries of people, places and nature. Get ready to be amazed, inspired, uplifted, moved.

You’ll find fantastic images of:

  • Exotic locations, adventure travel and landscapes beyond compare
  • Animals in the wild and insects up close
  • Cute kids, old wrinkly women, and people from all countries and cultures.

Black. White. And in stunning color. And, after a year of waiting, the $10,000 grand prize winner is finally revealed.

FastCoCreate’s blogger, Joe Berkowitz, compiles it all in his January 9, 2013 article, “See National Geographic’s Photo of the Year Winners.” It’s a great place to start, as he puts together the entries, the winners, and a video explaining how the selection process was made, all from one convenient easy-to-navigate page.

So get ready to recharge your batteries and lose yourself in this amazing photo gallery. Guilty pleasure? Perhaps. But think of it as a way to improve your own photography, plan for your next vacation, or perhaps just take an “armchair vacation” completely free of charge. Any way you look at it, I highly recommend it.

Then, if you have nothing but time on your hands, head on over to the official National Geographic website for even more great photos, downloads, workshops, events, movies, maps, jigsaw puzzles and, of course, subscription to their venerable magazine. And, if you’d like to stay posted about future National Geographic photo contests, special offers, green living, music, seminars and more, here’s the link to their Newsletters registration page.

A Quick Legal Note

National Geographic and Nat Geo are registered trademarks of the National Geographic Society Corporation.

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