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The “Stay Interview” – HR Best Practices

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Want to keep your employees motivated and happy? Then consider regularly scheduled “stay interviews“.

Not familiar with the concept? Can’t say that I was either, till I read the December 11, 2012 article, “The Art of the Stay Interview“, published in

Stay interviews are intended to identify how employees are feeling about their job. What drives them. What ideas they have for change, improvement and growth. For example, learning what makes for a great day at work.

Of course, good managers may hold informal conversations with their team throughout the year and may roll a formal discussion of motivations and goals into the annual review process. But great companies don’t wait for a once-a-year review.

Why? Because motivated employees are a company’s best asset — and retaining good people, and keeping them happy drives bottom-line profits.

So check out the article link. Then let me know… Have you ever had a stay interview? Will you integrate the concept into your company’s plan or suggest it to your manager? What other ways have you or your company come up with to keep employees excited to come in to work each day? And what makes your perfect day on the job?

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3 comments on “The “Stay Interview” – HR Best Practices

  1. suzykedz
    January 1, 2013

    Hi Kasey – so nice to hear from you again. How have you been doing in your job hunt?

    I completely agree with you that it can be difficult to get an honest answer, especially if there are issues to be worked out. Where I see a stay interview to be especially effective is where the manager would like to hear more about what motivates an already happy employee. For example, they worked on a web project and really enjoyed it and would like to do more of that type of work…

    Would anyone else have an opinion or suggestion..

  2. Kasey
    December 31, 2012

    I think the biggest obstacle with conducting a stay interview is getting the employees to provide honest information. Think about it: would you go up to your boss and tell him what you didn’t like about him? It may be the same way with these, especially in a heavy “office politics” culture.

    I had an idea about how this might be handled, if it does turn out to be an issue. What if you were to conduct such an interview anonymously? A company might get more honest information that way about itself from its employees. You might even combine this with a regular in-person interview to get an even better picture.

  3. suzykedz
    December 22, 2012

    Hi Branden – Thanks so much for reading my blog! I do try to make it helpful and appreciate your input. It’s interesting that you asked for more information in future postings, as another reader just suggested that I make my blogs shorter for quick reading! I’ll try to offer a happy medium. In any case, keep reading – and if you have topics you’d like to see more of, do let me know.

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