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13 Ways to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile That I Bet You Never Knew!

LinkedIn Profile

Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

I’m excited to share an article titled “13 New Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible” that offers tips and techniques for revitalizing your online presence in ways I bet you never knew existed.

For example, did you know there are a variety of apps that let you showcase work samples on your LinkedIn profile?

Or, did you know you can use the Skills search panel to test different words that describe the same skill, to see which is most frequently searched, so you can use the one with the higher ranking in your profile?

Author Julie Borg offers up these and a variety of other useful tips. Julie is an editor for magazine and blogger for an IT-related publication titled TekDefender. This article first appeared in both pubs on November 13, 2012.

Her 13th tip is actually a link to an article by another BusinessInsider writer, Alyson Shontell, who describes 14 mistakes you should avoid making on your LinkedIn profile. Both articles are worth checking out.

More Ideas on Using LinkedIn… Endorsements 

I recently wrote a blog titled “Confused about LinkedIn’s New Skills Endorsement? Finally, Instructions On How to Use It Effectively” that you may find useful.

And here’s one more — The Truth About LinkedIn Endorsements, by Andy Foote, a self-described “Professional LinkedIn OPTIMIST, Community Organizer and Gadget Geek”. His article explains why the Endorsements feature is here to stay, and some of the advantages of using it. (Here’s one I never considered — improved SEO rankings!) In fact, he publishes a weekly article about LinkedIn at that’s also chock full of great info.

So Many Ways to Use LinkedIn

And incidentally, there are actually dozens of reasons to use LinkedIn in your professional life. You probably know most, but here are my favorites:

–       Find and make new business associations, especially if you’re a sales rep, job seeker or consultant

–       Be seen by hiring managers, recruiters and HR professionals. Post info on your experience, achievements, skills and goals; add work samples, references and more. I’ve heard that 85% of those hiring will use LinkedIn to identify and screen an applicant prior to calling for an interview!

–       Find and stay connected with former colleagues. It’s particularly useful after a mass lay-off to stay in contact with your former co-workers — you can even start up an alumni group to share job-hunting tips, schedule get-togethers, and so on. (Don’t know how to start your own group? The link provides simple instructions.)

–       Connect with like-minded individuals in local or international professional associations and networking groups

–       Stay in contact with people you meet at business meetings or networking functions

–       Ask questions online and get answers to best practices, resources and tips

–       Answer questions others pose, to pass on your knowledge as well as establish your credibility as an expert

–       Follow news and trends, as well as blogs by industry thought leaders

–       Post job openings that your hear about – maybe even collect a finder’s fee for the referral

–       Get a name, email address and introduction to the HR department or the hiring manager regarding a job of interest through referrals from your contacts list.

And the list goes on. With the importance and power of this social networking tool, take advantage of all that it has to offer. Basic membership in LinkedIn – which enables you to post your professional profile and use the vast majority of features — is absolutely free, though upgrade packages are available. If you’re not using it yet, sign up today. And if you are using it, then hopefully these tips will help you to make your profile sing, rise to the top, and sell, sell, sell!

As always, I’ll mention that I do not receive compensation from nor am I affiliated with any of the people or companies mentioned here, but do hope they will help you.


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