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Winner of Humorous Billboards Sign Announced

Our Mountains are Spectacular

Surprisingly, only one entry was received for my first-ever blog contest, originally announced as part of my posting titled Brilliant Billboards, Stupid Signs and Other Roadside Marketing Humor.

Perhaps you thought you didn’t stand a chance of winning, so you didn’t bother to enter? As they say, you gotta be in it to win it. So…

Congratulations to R. Manzari – who submitted this entry from a recent road trip. He loved that it fit into the categories of “Brilliant Billboards” as well as “Roadside Humor”. Why?

It’s brilliant because for years, Coors has been distinguishing themselves from the pack by telling us their beer is made from sparkling water, straight from the mountains of Colorado. This billboard, of course, reinforces that branding.

But, if you happen to be a Seinfeld fan, well, you are probably laughing right now, as you know this is really a play on words stemming from one of their famous episodes having to do with, shall we say, “implants”… if you get my drift?

If you aren’t a Seinfeld aficionado, write to me at my new email address,, and I’d be happy to explain exactly why this is so funny.

More importantly, keep reading my blogs for your next opportunity to enter one of my contests. The prizes aren’t huge, but you never know what you may win.


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