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Twitter, Meaningless Stats, and a Funny Video from Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Report Video

Stephen Colbert Report Video

I have to admit, I’m not on the Twitter bandwagon…yet.

Despite having attended a digital marketing class which included almost a full day of Twitter, where a very convincing case was made for the advantages of same, I’m not yet a believer. (Of course, I once said the same about blogging, and you can see how I’ve changed my opinion on that.)

To me, Tweeting seems a huge time waster. Plus, half the time, I can’t figure out what all those abbreviated messages actually mean. Yes, you can use hash tags to locate conversations and topics. But after that…I just don’t understand what’s been said, or what is the point.

I also have to admit that I’m not a big Stephen Colbert fan, either. But, when I saw this video of him mocking the meaningless Twitter numbers that were being analyzed in all the news following the Democratic Convention speeches, well…I just had to laugh, and then I just had to share. (This post has been updated with the link to the now defunct The Colbert Report show video from Comedy Central.)

So, my message?

We all know that marketing folks can use numbers to prove (or distort the truth about) virtually anything, and here’s a case where the numbers are being used to say nothing whatsoever. Kinda reminds me of Twitter itself…


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