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Public Speaking 101 – A Great Video Showing How To Do It Right

The other day I wrote about overcoming fear of public speaking and offered up 10 of my favorite tips on how to give a great presentation, even if you’re deathly afraid of being the center of attention. Today, I want to show you an example of a great presenter, in action.

The woman in the video is known to many simply as “CK”.  Christina Kerley is a noted author, consultant and speaker on the topic of business-to-business (B2B) social media and mobile marketing.

The 2-minute video below, titledThink INSIDE the Box” is one of many you’ll find on her web. I bet you’ll be so interested and enthralled, you won’t stop there. Fortunately, her site features several videos, most between 3 to 5 minutes, and for those of you clamoring for more, there’s a 45-minute presentation, as well. If you’re looking for another great 3-minute clip after watching the first, try “Mobile’s Mind Blowing Numbers”. Click the link below, then come back and read on.

About the Speaker

I had the pleasure of watching and learning from CK during a mini-MBA program on digital marketing run by Rutgers University CMD. CK was one of many expert instructors, all from the business world, who presented during the one-week intensive class, held in New Brunswick, NJ. While all our instructors were enlightening, interesting, and also very fine public speakers in their own right, I think CK elevated presentation giving to new heights.

Her full-day class on mobile marketing covered the new technologies that are propelling marketing a quantum leap forward. From augmented reality and geo-fencing, to optimizing your web for smartphone and tablet viewing, she filled our heads and our imaginations with the endless number of possibilities available to us today.

But aside from her unique experience as a B2B mobile-marketing expert, what made her a standout speaker was more than just her business acumen. Rather, as you just saw, it was her enthusiasm and energy, the way she interacted with the audience, and the changes in her voice and facial expressions as she took us through the day. I don’t mean to imply that she came across as being other than genuine and real …what I mean is that she was more animated and “alive” than one would be in normal conversation. It’s one of the many reasons I think she’s an amazing public speaker, and I bet you now think so too. (Incidentally, I should add that I receive no compensation for writing this blog about CK, and obtained permission to repost.)

If, after watching CK’s videos, you’d also like to learn more about any of her marketing services, go check out her blog and website at and, respectively. I think you’ll agree, she’s not only a public speaking role model, but a B2B marketing pro.


One comment on “Public Speaking 101 – A Great Video Showing How To Do It Right

  1. Suzy Kedzierski
    May 9, 2013

    Just an update… as an amazingly unexpected, but wonderful result of writing this post, I got a chance to work with CK on a few of her latest projects. Check out her new website,, and download her new eBook Innovation Through Mobile available here:

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