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Two Great Marketing Newsletters

 “Word of Mouth Marketing” and
“Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That!”

Two of my favorite newsletters to find in my inbox are “Word of Mouth Marketing” (WOM) and “Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That!”, both by Andy Sernovitz.

Honestly, I’m now getting way too many really good marketing, social media and similar type newsletters to be able to keep up with them all, but when Andy’s newsletters show up, I generally read them first thing.

They are full of quick, short, interesting articles that help you get people talking about your brand, and make the most of limited marketing budgets.

In his most recent newsletter, I came across WOM Tip #171, titled “Be Remarkably Honest”, in which he shares the hilarious flyer from Ireland’s “Electric Garden & Theater”. They poked fun at both typical club fare as well as themselves, drawing in the hordes by advertising such no-miss wonders as “Random stock photo of sexy girl that won’t be there”, “Promotions of booze you don’t like” and “Logos of companies you don’t know or care about”. Andy’s sage advice? “When in doubt, do the opposite.”

Inexpensive Fan, Marketing Premium IdeaOr, he may tell us about a company that gave away inexpensive hand-held fans with their name and logo. I’d already read about it in his newsletter a few months earlier, but learned the power of this freebie first hand when a local candy store in Beaufort S.C. handed out their fans, pictured here, during a waterfront festival I attended last May. Believe me, in the 97-degree heat, with humidity roughly about the same, I would have been willing to pay for this free premium. Most everyone had one, and you couldn’t miss the shop’s name – which incidentally, though a few blocks away, was doing a bang-up business.

His wisdom and the offbeat ideas are definitely worth reading.

I should add that I am not in any way affiliated with Andy or his organization. If you’d like to join the group of over 50,000 smart marketers that he says love his newsletters, you can sign up for both at:


2 comments on “Two Great Marketing Newsletters

  1. suzykedz
    August 25, 2012

    Glad you find the info useful! Thanks for reading.

  2. Tru-Structure
    August 25, 2012

    Great info! Thanks for Sharon about the marketing newsletters.

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