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Animals Filmed In Slo Mo: Watch Their Tails Shake and Ears Fly!

Because the premise behind this blogsite is “Putting Words, Images and Ideas to Work”, I thought it was fair game to share with you a fun, high-speed video, slowed down to slo mo, showing animals shaking themselves dry. Truth be told, the only reason I watched was for fun – and that’s my reason for sharing it with you.

But, behind the imagery was actually a more palatable business study.

As explained by author Kathryn Lougheed, who published the article in the August 15, 2012 issue of Nature, researchers David Hu and his colleagues at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta were trying to determine how animals of different species make themselves dry in as few motions and least amount of time as possible – so they could apply the same concepts to man-made products in the business world. In all honesty, I’m not exactly sure how that would be applied, but nevertheless, it’s fun to watch.

So, here comes the video, which I should further credit by saying I first heard about by reading the August 20th Smart Brief on Social Media newsletter. I’m not exactly sure what this article had to do with social media to begin with, but I will add that the Smart Brief series of newsletters are always a great read, and if you don’t already subscribe, you may want to – see for their full range of offerings.

One last tip, if you like this video, try a google search for slo mo – amazing videos abound.

So…without further comment…enjoy.

Scientists do the wet-dog shake


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