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Platonic Transportation? Got My Attention!

The word “Platonic” was emblazoned in such huge letters across the side of the 40′ truck, parked in a side lot, that I slowed my car down and did a double take. Sure enough, the signage said:

“Platonic Transportation Solutions. When it comes to transportation, we don’t fool around”. 

Got my attention! When I got home, I hopped on the web to learn more. Apparently, I’m not the only one.

Although they don’t seem to have their own website, and very little can be found online about the company itself, other than that they’re located in Paterson, NJ, this marketing ploy is both memorable and generating buzz.

I say that, as I found several other bloggers writing about the very same thing. (Well actually, they were mostly commenting about the image of a semi-nude woman in red high heels that is apparently Platonic’s logo. Somehow I managed to entirely miss seeing that on the back of the truck, as I passed it by.)

Got to say, with a little ingenuity and the cost of artwork and some paint, they’ve created a memorable campaign, which they can display entirely for free, and expose to thousands of people as they ply their trucks up and down the interstate highways. Maybe it’s not the best example of great marketing, but as I said, it certainly got my attention.

What’s your opinion? And have you seen any interesting slogans lately?

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